ROS1: STEVE camera mast developed in Roverpraktikum WS19/20
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Stereo Vision Explorer

Logo / Patch

Setup local copy

In order to download this repository to a local machine (Desktop, Raspberry Pi) do this:

  • Create new directory to use as a workspace: mkdir -p ~/workspace
    Depending on framework (ROS/ROS2) move to the location where you place your packages.
  • Move to directory: cd ~/workspace
  • git init
  • git remote add origin
  • git fetch --all
  • git reset --hard origin/master
  • Important:
    Configure .git/config in order commit changes using your personal egit account:
        name = <replace with your username>
        email = <replace with your irs-email>

For example:

        name = maxmustermann
        email =
  • Important:
    Do not upload to the master branch but instead create your own branch. This prevents pushing experimental code to master. Creating a new branch will copy your local master repository to your new branch:
    • Create a new branch: git branch <branch_name>
    • Move to new branch: git ckeckout <branch_name>
    • Check content: ls -s
    • After creating a new branch or changing its content you must push it to the remote repo:
      • git commit -am "new branch created"
      • git push origin <branch_name>
  • Continue working in your local and remote branch but do not push to master!

Run local copy

In order to run the code the steps above must be done within the ROS catkin workspace (eg. ~/catkin_ws/src/). The folder Steve thus represents the ROS package folder.

Read the ROS documentation on the function of the catkin workspace and follow the ROS instructions on building your catkin workspace.


  • documentation contains instruction material, text and pictures for documentation purposes
  • Steve contains the ROS package for running the Steve Camera Mast on a Raspberry Pi (3/4)


  • The user should have read the Design Report, especially appendix A (Assembly and Installation Procedure). However, this report represents the end of the student project and is only in part still correct.

How to use

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