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2021-11-11 19:49:41 +01:00
# Vorago Rust Workspace
2021-11-02 20:32:01 +01:00
Workspace for developing Rust code for the Vorago devices
2021-11-11 19:49:41 +01:00
After cloning, run
git submodule init
git submodule update
2021-12-10 10:13:42 +01:00
## Use VS Code files
Make sure to install the `Cortex-Debug` extension first.
The `tasks.json` and the `launch.json` files are generic and you can use them immediately by
opening the folder in VS code or adding it to a workspace.
If you would like to use a custom GDB application, you can specify the gdb binary in the following
configuration variables in your `settings.json`:
- `"cortex-debug.gdbPath"`
- `"cortex-debug.gdbPath.linux"`
- `""`
- `"cortex-debug.gdbPath.osx"`