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Helmholtz Cage Control Software

This software is used to control the magnetic field test bench at the Institute for Space Systems (IRS) at the University of Stuttgart. The test bench consists of three Helmholtz coil pairs, one in each spatial axis. The amount of current flowing through these coils is controlled by two PS2000B power supply units. The polarity is switched by a set of relays that are controller by an Arduino Uno.

This repository contains the released executables. The source code is developed in a separate repository.


  1. Download latest release from release page
  2. Unpack ZIP-Folder
  3. Run Helmholtz Cage Control.exe

Users Guide

For detailed instructions please refer to the main documentation PDF.


V 1.0 (02.03.2021)

Initial Version

V 1.1 (10.03.2021)

  • updated UI with user feedback
  • added documentation