OBSW for the EIVE project

Updated 52 minutes ago

The Flight Software Framework code for the EIVE project.

Updated 2 hours ago

TMTC commander for EIVE OBSW

Updated 5 hours ago

Repository for the Helmholtz test bench inside the IRS clean room. Fork from Martin Zietz's original code (not maintained).

Updated 3 weeks ago

Minimal setup to read out the EIVE sun sensor via an Arduino Uno.

Updated 1 year ago

Implementing a remote interface unit for SPI and other µC interfaces on an Arduino.

Updated 1 year ago

The core libraries required to compile code for Arduinos

Updated 1 year ago

Rust packages used on the EIVE Q7S OBC

Updated 1 year ago

Base repository to cross-compile Rust applications for the Q7S

Updated 1 year ago