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@brief This file transfers control of communication interface setup to the user.
@details Template configuration file. Copy this folder to the TMTC commander root and adapt
it to your needs.
from typing import Union
from tmtc_core.com_if.tmtcc_com_interface_base import CommunicationInterface
from tmtc_core.core.tmtc_core_definitions import ComInterfaces
from tmtc_core.core.tmtcc_com_if_setup import create_communication_interface_default
from tmtc_core.utility.tmtcc_tmtc_printer import TmTcPrinter
def create_communication_interface_user(com_if: ComInterfaces, tmtc_printer: TmTcPrinter) -> \
Union[CommunicationInterface, None]:
return create_communication_interface_default(com_if, tmtc_printer)