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@brief This file transfers control of housekeeping handling (PUS service 3) to the
@details Template configuration file. Copy this folder to the TMTC commander root and adapt
it to your needs.
from typing import Tuple
from tmtc_core.pus_tm.obsw_tm_service_3 import Service3Base
from tmtc_core.utility.tmtcc_logger import get_logger
LOGGER = get_logger()
def handle_user_hk_packet(
object_id: bytearray, hk_data: bytearray,
service3_packet: Service3Base) -> Tuple[list, list, bytearray]:
This function is called when a Service 3 Housekeeping packet is received.
@param object_id:
@param hk_data:
@param service3_packet:
LOGGER.info("Service3TM: Parsing for this SID has not been implemented.")
return [], [], bytearray()