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- It is now possible to change the message queue depth for the telecommand verification service (PUS1)
- The same is possible for the event reporting service (PUS5)
- PUS Health Service added, which allows to command and retrieve health via PUS packets
### Parameter Service
- The API of the parameter service has been changed to prevent incosistencies
and clarify usage when inspecting the code.
- The parameter ID now consists of:
1. Domain ID (1 byte)
2. Unique Identifier (1 byte)
3. Linear Index (2 bytes)
The linear index can be used for arrays as well as matrices.
The parameter load command now explicitely expects the ECSS PTC and PFC
information as well as the rows and column number. Rows and column will
default to one, which is equivalent to one scalar parameter (the most
important use-case)