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Configuring the FSFW
The FSFW can be configured via the ``fsfwconfig`` folder. A template folder has been provided in
``misc/defaultcfg`` to have a starting point for this. The folder should be added
to the include path. The primary configuration file is the ``FSFWConfig.h`` folder. Some
of the available options will be explained in more detail here.
Auto-Translation of Events
The FSFW allows the automatic translation of events, which allows developers to track triggered
events directly via console output. Using this feature requires:
1. ``FSFW_OBJ_EVENT_TRANSLATION`` set to 1 in the configuration file.
2. Special auto-generated translation files which translate event IDs and object IDs into
human readable strings. These files can be generated using the
`fsfwgen Python scripts <https://egit.irs.uni-stuttgart.de/fsfw/fsfw-gen>`_.
3. The generated translation files for the object IDs should be named ``translatesObjects.cpp``
and ``translateObjects.h`` and should be copied to the ``fsfwconfig/objects`` folder
4. The generated translation files for the event IDs should be named ``translateEvents.cpp`` and
``translateEvents.h`` and should be copied to the ``fsfwconfig/events`` folder
An example implementations of these translation file generators can be found as part
of the `SOURCE project here <https://git.ksat-stuttgart.de/source/sourceobsw/-/tree/develop/generators>`_
or the `FSFW example <https://egit.irs.uni-stuttgart.de/fsfw/fsfw-example-hosted/src/branch/master/generators>`_
Configuring the Event Manager
The number of allowed subscriptions can be modified with the following
.. code-block:: cpp
namespace fsfwconfig {
//! Configure the allocated pool sizes for the event manager.
static constexpr size_t FSFW_EVENTMGMR_MATCHTREE_NODES = 240;
static constexpr size_t FSFW_EVENTMGMT_EVENTIDMATCHERS = 120;
static constexpr size_t FSFW_EVENTMGMR_RANGEMATCHERS = 120;