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#include "devicedefinitions/MgmLIS3HandlerDefs.h"
#include "fsfw/devicehandlers/DeviceHandlerBase.h"
#include "fsfw/globalfunctions/PeriodicOperationDivider.h"
class PeriodicOperationDivider;
* @brief Device handler object for the LIS3MDL 3-axis magnetometer
* by STMicroeletronics
* @details
* Datasheet can be found online by googling LIS3MDL.
* Flight manual:
* https://egit.irs.uni-stuttgart.de/redmine/projects/eive-flight-manual/wiki/LIS3MDL_MGM
* @author L. Loidold, R. Mueller
class MgmLIS3MDLHandler : public DeviceHandlerBase {
enum class CommunicationStep { DATA, TEMPERATURE };
static const uint8_t INTERFACE_ID = CLASS_ID::MGM_LIS3MDL;
static const uint8_t SUBSYSTEM_ID = SUBSYSTEM_ID::MGM_LIS3MDL;
// Notifies a command to change the setup parameters
static const Event CHANGE_OF_SETUP_PARAMETER = MAKE_EVENT(0, severity::LOW);
MgmLIS3MDLHandler(uint32_t objectId, object_id_t deviceCommunication, CookieIF *comCookie,
uint32_t transitionDelay);
virtual ~MgmLIS3MDLHandler();
void enablePeriodicPrintouts(bool enable, uint8_t divider);
* Set the absolute limit for the values on the axis in microtesla. The dataset values will
* be marked as invalid if that limit is exceeded
* @param xLimit
* @param yLimit
* @param zLimit
void setAbsoluteLimits(float xLimit, float yLimit, float zLimit);
void setToGoToNormalMode(bool enable);
/** DeviceHandlerBase overrides */
void doShutDown() override;
void doStartUp() override;
void doTransition(Mode_t modeFrom, Submode_t subModeFrom) override;
virtual uint32_t getTransitionDelayMs(Mode_t from, Mode_t to) override;
ReturnValue_t buildCommandFromCommand(DeviceCommandId_t deviceCommand, const uint8_t *commandData,
size_t commandDataLen) override;
ReturnValue_t buildTransitionDeviceCommand(DeviceCommandId_t *id) override;
ReturnValue_t buildNormalDeviceCommand(DeviceCommandId_t *id) override;
ReturnValue_t scanForReply(const uint8_t *start, size_t len, DeviceCommandId_t *foundId,
size_t *foundLen) override;
* This implementation is tailored towards space applications and will flag values larger
* than 100 microtesla on X,Y and 150 microtesla on Z as invalid
* @param id
* @param packet
* @return
virtual ReturnValue_t interpretDeviceReply(DeviceCommandId_t id, const uint8_t *packet) override;
void fillCommandAndReplyMap() override;
void modeChanged(void) override;
ReturnValue_t initializeLocalDataPool(localpool::DataPool &localDataPoolMap,
LocalDataPoolManager &poolManager) override;
MGMLIS3MDL::MgmPrimaryDataset dataset;
// Length a single command SPI answer
static const uint8_t SINGLE_COMMAND_ANSWER_LEN = 2;
uint32_t transitionDelay;
// Single SPI command has 2 bytes, first for adress, second for content
size_t singleComandSize = 2;
// Has the size for all adresses of the lis3mdl + the continous write bit
uint8_t commandBuffer[MGMLIS3MDL::NR_OF_DATA_AND_CFG_REGISTERS + 1];
float absLimitX = 100;
float absLimitY = 100;
float absLimitZ = 150;
* We want to save the registers we set, so we dont have to read the
* registers when we want to change something.
* --> everytime we change set a register we have to save it
uint8_t registers[MGMLIS3MDL::NR_OF_CTRL_REGISTERS];
uint8_t statusRegister = 0;
bool goToNormalMode = false;
enum class InternalState {
InternalState internalState = InternalState::STATE_NONE;
CommunicationStep communicationStep = CommunicationStep::DATA;
bool commandExecuted = false;
PoolEntry<float> mgmXYZ = PoolEntry<float>(3);
PoolEntry<float> temperature = PoolEntry<float>();
/* Device specific commands and variables */
* Sets the read bit for the command
* @param single command to set the read-bit at
* @param boolean to select a continuous read bit, default = false
uint8_t readCommand(uint8_t command, bool continuousCom = false);
* Sets the write bit for the command
* @param single command to set the write-bit at
* @param boolean to select a continuous write bit, default = false
uint8_t writeCommand(uint8_t command, bool continuousCom = false);
* This Method gets the full scale for the measurement range
* e.g.: +- 4 gauss. See p.25 datasheet.
* @return The ReturnValue does not contain the sign of the value
MGMLIS3MDL::Sensitivies getSensitivity(uint8_t ctrlReg2);
* The 16 bit value needs to be multiplied with a sensitivity factor
* which depends on the sensitivity configuration
* @param sens Configured sensitivity of the LIS3 device
* @return Multiplication factor to get the sensor value from raw data.
float getSensitivityFactor(MGMLIS3MDL::Sensitivies sens);
* This Command detects the device ID
ReturnValue_t identifyDevice();
virtual void setupMgm();
/* Non normal commands */
* Enables/Disables the integrated Temperaturesensor
* @param commandData On or Off
* @param length of the commandData: has to be 1
virtual ReturnValue_t enableTemperatureSensor(const uint8_t *commandData, size_t commandDataLen);
* Sets the accuracy of the measurement of the axis. The noise is changing.
* @param commandData LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH, ULTRA
* @param length of the command, has to be 1
virtual ReturnValue_t setOperatingMode(const uint8_t *commandData, size_t commandDataLen);
* We always update all registers together, so this method updates
* the rawpacket and rawpacketLen, so we just manipulate the local
* saved register
ReturnValue_t prepareCtrlRegisterWrite();
bool periodicPrintout = false;
PeriodicOperationDivider debugDivider = PeriodicOperationDivider(3);