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#include <utility>
#include "../definitions.h"
#include "fsfw/devicehandlers/CookieIF.h"
#include "mspInit.h"
#include "spiDefinitions.h"
#include "stm32h743xx.h"
* @brief SPI cookie implementation for the STM32H7 device family
* @details
* This cookie contains and caches device specific information to be used by the
* SPI communication interface
* @author R. Mueller
class SpiCookie : public CookieIF {
friend class SpiComIF;
* Allows construction of a SPI cookie for a connected SPI device
* @param deviceAddress
* @param spiIdx SPI bus, e.g. SPI1 or SPI2
* @param transferMode
* @param mspCfg This is the MSP configuration. The user is expected to supply
* a valid MSP configuration. See mspInit.h for functions
* to create one.
* @param spiSpeed
* @param spiMode
* @param chipSelectGpioPin GPIO port. Don't use a number here, use the 16 bit type
* definitions supplied in the MCU header file! (e.g. GPIO_PIN_X)
* @param chipSelectGpioPort GPIO port (e.g. GPIOA)
* @param maxRecvSize Maximum expected receive size. Chose as small as possible.
* @param csGpio Optional CS GPIO definition.
SpiCookie(address_t deviceAddress, spi::SpiBus spiIdx, spi::TransferModes transferMode,
spi::MspCfgBase* mspCfg, uint32_t spiSpeed, spi::SpiModes spiMode, size_t maxRecvSize,
stm32h7::GpioCfg csGpio = stm32h7::GpioCfg(nullptr, 0, 0));
uint16_t getChipSelectGpioPin() const;
GPIO_TypeDef* getChipSelectGpioPort();
address_t getDeviceAddress() const;
spi::SpiBus getSpiIdx() const;
spi::SpiModes getSpiMode() const;
spi::TransferModes getTransferMode() const;
uint32_t getSpiSpeed() const;
size_t getMaxRecvSize() const;
SPI_HandleTypeDef& getSpiHandle();
address_t deviceAddress;
SPI_HandleTypeDef spiHandle = {};
spi::SpiBus spiIdx;
uint32_t spiSpeed;
spi::SpiModes spiMode;
spi::TransferModes transferMode;
volatile spi::TransferStates transferState = spi::TransferStates::IDLE;
stm32h7::GpioCfg csGpio;
// The MSP configuration is cached here. Be careful when using this, it is automatically
// deleted by the SPI communication interface if it is not required anymore!
spi::MspCfgBase* mspCfg = nullptr;
const size_t maxRecvSize;
// Only the SpiComIF is allowed to use this to prevent dangling pointers issues
spi::MspCfgBase* getMspCfg();
void deleteMspCfg();
void setTransferState(spi::TransferStates transferState);
spi::TransferStates getTransferState() const;