A modular exposure time calculator for the ESBO telescope. https://esbo-ds.irs.uni-stuttgart.de/esboetcdocs/
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A modular exposure time calculator for the ESBO telescope.


This repository contains the source code of the ESBO-ETC, a highly modular exposure time calculator.

ESBO-ETC aims on modelling the physical aspect of light coming from a target through optical components (e.g. atmosphere, mirrors, lenses, ...) on the detector. The set up of this so called optical pipeline can be individually defined using a configuration file. Additionally, the thermal emission of optical components, the obstruction of components as well as different PSFs including pointing jitter can be considered.

Finally, ESBO-ETC allows the computation of either the necessary exposure time for a desired SNR, the SNR for a given exposure time or, in case of a BlackBodyTarget, the sensitivity as the minimum apparent magnitude for a given exposure time and SNR. All computations support a batch-mode, allowing to compute multiple scenarios at once.


The latest version of the documentation is hosted on the ESBO-DS server. The full documentation is available as source here and can be build using sphinx by the command

sphinx-build -b html

for the HTML-documentation or

sphinx-build -M latexpdf

for the PDF version.