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@ -1 +1 @@
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@ -5,6 +5,7 @@ import time
from pathlib import Path
from typing import Sequence, Optional
from spacepackets import SpacePacket, SpacePacketHeader, PacketTypes
from spacepackets.cfdp import ConditionCode, TransmissionModes, PduType, DirectiveType
from spacepackets.cfdp.pdu import AbstractFileDirectiveBase, PduHolder
from spacepackets.ecss import PusVerificator
@ -51,10 +52,34 @@ class CfdpCcsdsWrapper:
def __init__(
cfg: LocalEntityCfg,
seq_cnt_provider: ProvidesSeqCount,
cfdp_seq_cnt_provider: ProvidesSeqCount,
remote_cfg: Sequence[RemoteEntityCfg],
ccsds_seq_cnt_provider: ProvidesSeqCount,
ccsds_apid: int,
self.handler = CfdpHandler(cfg, seq_cnt_provider, remote_cfg)
self.handler = CfdpHandler(cfg, cfdp_seq_cnt_provider, remote_cfg)
self.ccsds_seq_cnt_provider = ccsds_seq_cnt_provider
self.ccsds_apid = ccsds_apid
def pull_next_dest_packet(self) -> Optional[SpacePacket]:
"""Retrieves the next PDU to send and wraps it into a space packet"""
next_packet = self.handler.pull_next_dest_packet()
if next_packet is None:
return next_packet
sp_header = SpacePacketHeader(
data_len=next_packet.packet_len - 1,
return SpacePacket(sp_header, None, next_packet.pack())
def confirm_dest_packet_sent(self):
def pass_packet(self, packet: SpacePacket):
# Unwrap the user data and pass it to the handler
class CfdpHandler(CfdpUserBase):