Remote Interface Unit for Paul Nehlich's lecture
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RIU (Remote Interface Unit)



  • Arduino Uno / Nano / Comptible Boards
  • BMP280 breakout board (Pressure and Temperature sensor)


  • BMP280 VCC -> Arduino 3.3V
  • BMP280 GND -> Arduino GND
  • BMP280 SDA -> Arduino SDA
  • BMP280 SCL -> Arduino SCL

Pinout Arduino Nano Pinout Arduino Uno)


  • Arduino IDE
  • Adafruit BMP280 library


  • Upload the code to the Arduino
  • Open the serial monitor and type commands
  • Alternatively, directly send commands to the Arduino via serial communication
  • Read the RIU Datasheet for more information

Known Issues

Bad driver support (Windows)

Many cheap Arduino-compatible devices have limited driver support for Windows. Please refer to the manufacturers tutorials to setting up the Arduino.

IDE Issues (Linux)

The Arduino IDE V2 has fewer configuration options, we currently recommend using the Arduino Legacy IDE. This of course may change in the future and is only a recommendation.