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Marius Eggert 2023-12-01 13:03:38 +01:00
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commit e7e97ff2d3
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@ -13,6 +13,7 @@ from eive_tmtc.tmtc.payload.rad_sensor import handle_rad_sensor_data
from eive_tmtc.tmtc.acs.sus import handle_sus_hk
from eive_tmtc.tmtc.payload.ploc_supervisor import handle_supv_hk_data
from eive_tmtc.tmtc.acs.reaction_wheels import handle_rw_hk_data
from eive_tmtc.tmtc.power.pwr_ctrl import handle_pwr_ctrl_hk_data
from eive_tmtc.tmtc.com.syrlinks_handler import handle_syrlinks_hk_data
from eive_tmtc.tmtc.tcs import handle_thermal_controller_hk_data
from eive_tmtc.tmtc.tcs.tmp1075 import handle_tmp_1075_hk_data
@ -201,6 +202,10 @@ def handle_regular_hk_print( # noqa C901: Complexity okay here
return handle_acs_ctrl_hk_data(
pw=pw, set_id=set_id, hk_data=hk_data, packet_time=packet_dt
elif objb == obj_ids.PWR_CONTROLLER:
return handle_pwr_ctrl_hk_data(
pw=pw, set_id=set_id, hk_data=hk_data, packet_time=packet_dt
f"Service 3 TM: Parsing for object {object_id} and set ID {set_id} "