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Robin Müller 2023-04-03 16:57:58 +02:00
parent 8a69507d05
commit fb7b273485
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@ -578,4 +578,4 @@ def handle_pcdu_hk(printer: FsfwTmTcPrinter, set_id: int, hk_data: bytes):
pw.dlog(f"{name.ljust(25)}: {val}")
pw.dlog(f"{'P60 Dock 5V Stack'.ljust(25)}: {p60_stack_5v_val}")
pw.dlog(f"{'P60 Dock 3V3 Stack'.ljust(25)}: {p60_stack_3v3_val}")
pw.printer.print_validity_buffer(hk_data[current_idx:], 3)
pw.printer.print_validity_buffer(hk_data[current_idx:], 4)