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# Structure
The general structure is driven by the usage of interfaces provided by objects.
The FSFW uses C++17 as baseline. Most modern compilers like GCC should have support for this
standard, even for micocontrollers.
The FSFW might use dynamic allocation during program initialization but not during runtime.
It offers pool objects, static containers and it also exposes the Embedded Template Library
to allow writing code which does not perform allocation during runtime. The fsfw uses run-time type
information but will not throw exceptions.
The FSFW uses C++11 as baseline. The intention behind this is that this C++ Standard should be
widely available, even with older compilers.
The FSFW uses dynamic allocation during the initialization but provides static containers during runtime.
This simplifies the instantiation of objects and allows the usage of some standard containers.
Dynamic Allocation after initialization is discouraged and different solutions are provided in the
FSFW to achieve that. The fsfw uses run-time type information but exceptions are not allowed.
# Failure Handling