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### Commanding Service Base
- CSB uses the new fsfwconfig::FSFW_CSB_FIFO_DEPTH variable to determine the FIFO depth for each CSB instance. This variable has to be set in the FSFWConfig.h file
### Service Interface
- Proper printf support contained in ServiceInterfacePrinter.h
- CPP ostream support now optional (can reduce executable size by 150 - 250 kB)
- Amalagated header which determines automatically which service interface to use depending on FSFWConfig.h configuration.
Users can just use #include <fsfw/serviceinterface/ServiceInterface.h>
- If CPP streams are excluded, sif:: calls won't work anymore and need to be replaced by their printf counterparts.
For the fsfw, this can be done by checking the processor define FSFW_CPP_OSTREAM_ENABLED from FSFWConfig.h.
For mission code, developers need to replace sif:: calls by the printf counterparts, but only if the CPP stream are excluded.
If this is not the case, everything should work as usual.