default getModehelper for subsystembase

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Ulrich Mohr 2022-08-26 10:57:05 +02:00
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commit f5adcd0625
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@ -34,7 +34,9 @@ class SubsystemBase : public SystemObject,
uint16_t commandQueueDepth = 8);
virtual ~SubsystemBase();
virtual MessageQueueId_t getCommandQueue() const override;
MessageQueueId_t getCommandQueue() const override;
const ModeHelper * getModeHelper() const override;
* Function to register the child objects.
@ -49,13 +51,13 @@ class SubsystemBase : public SystemObject,
ReturnValue_t registerChild(object_id_t objectId);
virtual ReturnValue_t initialize() override;
ReturnValue_t initialize() override;
virtual ReturnValue_t performOperation(uint8_t opCode) override;
ReturnValue_t performOperation(uint8_t opCode) override;
virtual ReturnValue_t setHealth(HealthState health) override;
ReturnValue_t setHealth(HealthState health) override;
virtual HasHealthIF::HealthState getHealth() override;
HasHealthIF::HealthState getHealth() override;
struct ChildInfo {