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Configuring the FSFW

The FSFW can be configured via the fsfwconfig folder. A template folder has been provided to have a starting point for this. The folder should be added to the include path. The primary configuration file is the FSFWConfig.h folder. Some of the available options will be explained in more detail here.

Auto-Translation of Events

The FSFW allows the automatic translation of events, which allows developers to track triggered events directly via console output. Using this feature requires:

  1. FSFW_OBJ_EVENT_TRANSLATION set to 1 in the configuration file.
  2. Special auto-generated translation files which translate event IDs and object IDs into human readable strings. These files can be generated using the modgen Python scripts.
  3. The generated translation files for the object IDs should be named translatesObjects.cpp and translateObjects.h and should be copied to the fsfwconfig/objects folder
  4. The generated translation files for the event IDs should be named translateEvents.cpp and translateEvents.h and should be copied to the fsfwconfig/events folder

An example implementations of these translation file generators can be found as part of the SOURCE project here or the FSFW example

Configuring the Event Manager

The number of allowed subscriptions can be modified with the following parameters:

namespace fsfwconfig {
//! Configure the allocated pool sizes for the event manager.
static constexpr size_t FSFW_EVENTMGMR_MATCHTREE_NODES = 240;
static constexpr size_t FSFW_EVENTMGMT_EVENTIDMATCHERS = 120;
static constexpr size_t FSFW_EVENTMGMR_RANGEMATCHERS   = 120;