Hardware abstraction components which abstract hardware specific APIs to be used conveniently in the FSFW
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FSFW Hardware Abstraction Layer

This repository contains hardware abstraction components for common hardware like Raspberry Pis or the STM32H743ZIT6 board.


This library needs to be linked against the Flight Software Framework. Make sure that the library fsfw was added and linked against in your main application.

Configuring the library with CMake options

There is a set of options available to compile the HAL. These should be set by the upper level CMakeLists.txt, with set(<Option> ON).

  1. FSFW_HAL_ADD_LINUX: Add linux HAL. Requires gpiod library.
  2. FSFW_HAL_ADD_RASPBERRY_PI: Add Raspberry Pi specific components.
  3. FSFW_HAL_ADD_STM32H7: Add STM32H7 specific components.