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@ -52,15 +52,18 @@ static constexpr size_t FSFW_EVENTMGMR_RANGEMATCHERS = 120;
//! Defines the FIFO depth of each commanding service base which
//! also determines how many commands a CSB service can handle in one cycle
//! simulataneously. This will increase the required RAM for
//! Simultaneously. This will increase the required RAM for
//! each CSB service !
static constexpr uint8_t FSFW_CSB_FIFO_DEPTH = 6;
static constexpr size_t FSFW_PRINT_BUFFER_SIZE = 124;
//! Defines if the real time scheduler for linux should be used.
//! If set to 0, this will also disable priority settings for linux
//! as most systems will not allow to set nice values without privileges
//! For embedded linux system set this to 1.
//! If set to 1 the binary needs "cap_sys_nice=eip" privileges to run