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@ -63,19 +63,19 @@ public:
* @param setObjectid objectId of the sensor object
* @param inputTemperature Pointer to a raw input value which is converted to an floating
* point C output temperature
* @param variableGpid Global Pool ID of the output value
* @param outputGpid Global Pool ID of the output value
* @param vectorIndex Vector Index for the sensor monitor
* @param parameters Calculation parameters, temperature limits, gradient limit
* @param outputSet Output dataset for the output temperature to fetch it with read()
* @param thermalModule Respective thermal module, if it has one
TemperatureSensor(object_id_t setObjectid,lp_var_t<limitType>* inputTemperature,
gp_id_t variableGpid, uint8_t vectorIndex, Parameters parameters = {0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0},
gp_id_t outputGpid, uint8_t vectorIndex, Parameters parameters = {0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0},
LocalPoolDataSetBase *outputSet = nullptr, ThermalModuleIF *thermalModule = nullptr) :
AbstractTemperatureSensor(setObjectid, thermalModule), parameters(parameters),
outputTemperature(variableGpid, outputSet, PoolVariableIF::VAR_WRITE),
sensorMonitor(setObjectid, DOMAIN_ID_SENSOR, variableGpid,
outputTemperature(outputGpid, outputSet, PoolVariableIF::VAR_WRITE),
sensorMonitor(setObjectid, DOMAIN_ID_SENSOR, outputGpid,
DEFAULT_CONFIRMATION_COUNT, parameters.lowerLimit, parameters.upperLimit,
oldTemperature(20), uptimeOfOldTemperature({ thermal::INVALID_TEMPERATURE, 0 }) {