additional access function for mode message #70

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@ -23,8 +23,6 @@ public:
static const Command_t REPLY_MODE_REPLY = MAKE_COMMAND_ID(0x02);//!> Reply to a CMD_MODE_COMMAND or CMD_MODE_READ
static const Command_t REPLY_MODE_INFO = MAKE_COMMAND_ID(0x03); //!> Unrequested info about the current mode (used for composites to inform their container of a changed mode)
static const Command_t REPLY_CANT_REACH_MODE = MAKE_COMMAND_ID(0x04); //!> Reply in case a mode command can't be executed. Par1: returnCode, Par2: 0
//SHOULDDO is there a way we can transmit a returnvalue when responding that the mode is wrong, so we can give a nice failure code when commanded by PUS?
// shouldn't that possible with parameter 2 when submode only takes 1 byte?
static const Command_t REPLY_WRONG_MODE_REPLY = MAKE_COMMAND_ID(0x05);//!> Reply to a CMD_MODE_COMMAND, indicating that a mode was commanded and a transition started but was aborted; the parameters contain the mode that was reached
static const Command_t CMD_MODE_READ = MAKE_COMMAND_ID(0x06);//!> Command to read the current mode and reply with a REPLY_MODE_REPLY
static const Command_t CMD_MODE_ANNOUNCE = MAKE_COMMAND_ID(0x07);//!> Command to trigger an ModeInfo Event. This command does NOT have a reply.