Peripheral access crate (PAC) for the Vorago VA108xx family of MCUs
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PAC for the Vorago VA108xx microcontroller family

This repository contains the Peripheral Access Crate (PAC) for Voragos VA108xx series of Cortex-M0 based microcontrollers.

The crate was generated using svd2rust.

If you are interested in higher-level abstractions, it is recommended you visit the va108xx-hal HAL crate and the vorago-reb1 BSP crate which build on top of this PAC and provide application examples as well.


To use this crate, add this to your Cargo.toml

version = "<Most Recent Version>"
features = ["rt"]

The rt feature is optional and recommended. It brings in support for cortex-m-rt.

For full details on the autgenerated API, please see the svd2rust documentation.

Regenerating the PAC

The base file used by svd2rust is generated using the svdtools package and a YAML patch file. You can create the patched file by running this command after installing the Python svdtools package and the form tool with cargo install form:

cd svd
svd patch va108xx-patch.yml

After that, you can regenerate the PAC by running the helper script.