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Change Log
All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.
The format is based on [Keep a Changelog](
The [milestone](
list yields a list of all related PRs for each release.
# [unreleased]
# [v1.11.0]
# [v1.10.0 and before]
See [milestones](
and [releases](

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@ -436,6 +436,7 @@
0x4604; HGIO_GpioInvalidInstance;;4;fsfw/hal/src/fsfw_hal/linux/gpio/LinuxLibgpioIF.h;HAL_GPIO
0x4605; HGIO_GpioDuplicateDetected;;5;fsfw/hal/src/fsfw_hal/linux/gpio/LinuxLibgpioIF.h;HAL_GPIO
0x4606; HGIO_GpioInitFailed;;6;fsfw/hal/src/fsfw_hal/linux/gpio/LinuxLibgpioIF.h;HAL_GPIO
0x4607; HGIO_GpioGetValueFailed;;7;fsfw/hal/src/fsfw_hal/linux/gpio/LinuxLibgpioIF.h;HAL_GPIO
0x4401; HURT_UartReadFailure;;1;fsfw/hal/src/fsfw_hal/linux/uart/UartComIF.h;HAL_UART
0x4402; HURT_UartReadSizeMissmatch;;2;fsfw/hal/src/fsfw_hal/linux/uart/UartComIF.h;HAL_UART
0x4403; HURT_UartRxBufferTooSmall;;3;fsfw/hal/src/fsfw_hal/linux/uart/UartComIF.h;HAL_UART

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