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Change Log

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog.

The milestone list yields a list of all related PRs for each release.


[v2.20.0] 2023-03-28


  • COM Submode enum moved from subsystem module to separate definitions module and renamed to Mode. Added re-imports with the name ComMode in the subsystem and syrlinks module.
  • Convert various enums to proper IntEnums
  • Updates for some enumerations. PR: #178


  • Eb to N0 calculation: Improve robustness against division by zero.
  • Some fixes for PCDU commands: Wrongfully packed command to switch devices off instead of on. PR: #180.


  • Added PcduSwitches enum. PR: #179

[v2.19.4] 2023-03-24


  • Correction for Syrlinks submodes
  • Update generated files

[v2.19.3] 2023-03-21

  • Update generated files
  • Improve STR commanding a bit

[v2.19.2] 2023-03-17

  • Update generated files


  • Add a little bit of first time stamp extraction for HK packet handling.

[v2.19.1] 2023-03-14


  • New subsystems.csv file with all subsystem IDs
  • Update events.csv and returnvalues.csv

[v2.19.0] 2023-03-14


  • Added RTD ID enum and Set ID enumeration in the RTD module.
  • STR Temperature Set
  • Added some more MPSoC commands
  • RTD HK set


  • Import error for STR code
  • STR HK bugfixes and length check

[v2.18.1] 2023-03-11


  • Missing heater location fix.


  • Request to announce reboot counts in core controller commands

[v2.18.0] 2023-03-11


  • Added GPS Altitude for GPS Processed Data Dataset


  • Updated CSVs.
  • ACS mode changes: The ACS CTRL submodes are now modes. DETUBMLE is now submode of SAFE mode.

[v2.17.3] 2023-03-09


  • Fixed the heater object ID names completely. Also, the HPA heater is now the Syrlinks heater.

[v2.17.2] 2023-03-07

  • Updated CSVs
  • New events for core controller

[v2.17.1] 2023-03-07


  • MGT_ASSEMBLY object ID

[v2.17.0] 2023-03-07


  • Health set and health announce commands
  • Camera Switcher, Syrlinks Assembly, IMTQ assembly and Star Tracker assembly object IDs added


  • Breaking typo fix in TMP1075 SetId

[v2.16.4] 2023-03-04


  • Some more IMTQ commands

[v2.16.3] 2023-03-03


  • Syrlinks ASSY object ID

[v2.16.2] 2023-03-01


  • Added ACS action cmds
  • Added new ACS hk values
  • Added ACS set parameter cmds


  • Correction for ACS CTRL raw data requests HK type
  • Fixed diag related ACS hk cmds


  • Basic MGM commanding (modes)

[v2.16.1] 2023-02-24

  • Updated CSVs for new persistent TM store

[v2.16.0] 2023-02-23


  • PDEC parameter commands to change size of positive and negative window of AD frames.


  • Added missing skip directive for private resultcode.

[v2.15.2] 2023-02-23

  • Update of generated returnvalue and event files.

[v2.15.1] 2023-02-23

  • Actually use tmtccmd 4.1 in requirements.
  • Remove setup.cfg completely

[v2.15.0] 2023-02-23

tmtccmd version v4.1.1


  • Moved to pyproject.toml package file


  • Correction in tmtccmd dependency, added missing function

[v2.14.0] 2023-02-22


  • Generated CSV files for PDEC handler

[v2.13.0] 2023-02-21

tmtccmd version 4.0.0

Added python-dateutil dependency for time prompts.


  • Basic persistent TM store commanding
  • System and TCS system announce mode commands


  • IMTQ set IDs.
  • Significantly improved IMTQ module and also updated it to refactored OBSW IMTQ handlers.
  • Update of generated CSVs: Explicit no description strings

[v2.12.7] 2023-02-17

  • Re-run generators
  • Small fix for HK parsing, faulty printout

[v2.12.6] 2023-02-14


  • Fixed GPS processed set output


  • Added command to request switcher set from PCDU handler.

[v2.12.5] 2023-02-13


  • EIVE system commands

[v2.12.4] 2023-02-12


  • tmtccmd bumped to v4.0.0rc2, package discovery was broken.


  • Syrlinks temperatur set readout

[v2.12.3] 2023-02-10

tmtccmd v4.0.0rc1


  • Fixed SUS processed data printout format.
  • Fixed other ACS processed data printout format.
  • Fixed ACS submode: #132

[v2.12.2] 2023-02-08

  • Use specific tmtccmd rev with new mode helper method.

[v2.12.1] 2023-02-08


  • Added version announce and current image announce commands.
  • Added persistent TM store object IDs
  • GPS enable and disable HK commands
  • All mode commands for the COM subsystem.

[v2.12.0] 2023-02-06


  • Updated the subsystem IDs to avoid value clashes with regular device handler mode IDs.

[v2.11.0] 2023-02-06


  • TMP1075 comands: Implement proper prompt for device select.
  • TMP1075 commands: Add OFF, ON, NORMAL, and HK command

[v2.10.0] 2023-02-03

tmtccmd v4.0.0rc0


  • Updated ACS SS commands for OBSW ACS SS update. PR: #130


  • Fixed parsing of processed GPS data PR: #129

[v2.9.0] 2023-02-01


  • Create proper application root logger now.
  • Generated files update.


  • Dedicated handling for health events.
  • Add time dump command.
  • Time event handling.

[v2.8.0] 2023-02-01

  • Move all device modules inside pus_tc and pus_tm to tmtc module and respective subsystem submodules.
  • Move low level ACS board device modules and to the tmtc.acs module.
  • Bump tmtccmd to include more pythonic log usage. All related changes. It is recommended to use logging.getLogger(__name__) for module level loggers now.
  • Moved TCS components to tmtc module

[v2.7.0] 2023-01-31

  • tmtccmd v4.0.0a3

[v2.6.0 and v2.6.1] 2023-01-28


  • Reworked and improved PUS 20 parameter reply handling


  • COM subsystem commanding. Default datarate parameter commanding was moved to the subsystem as well.

[v2.5.0] 2023-01-26


  • Bugfix for CCSDS handler commanding: Pass correct object ID
  • Processed MGM set TM handling fix


  • Star Tracker: Add commands to update default datarate.


  • Move Star Tracker module to tmtc folder and add some set IDs. Rename SetIds to SetId.
  • Move syrlinks_hk_handler and ccsds_handler module to tmtc module. Rename syrlinks_hk_handler to syrlinks_handler.
  • Move star_tracker module into tmtc.acs
  • CCSDS Handler: Switch from action commands to mode commands for ON/OFF handling.
  • Star Tracker: Switch from actions commands to mode commands for RX/TX/Modulation commanding.

[v2.4.0] and [v2.4.1] 2023-01-23

  • Pin tmtccmd to v4.0.0a2
  • Unify and move Syrlinks module, some bugfixes
  • Add/Re-enable handling for SUS temp packets
  • Update SA deployment commands for OBSW eive/eive-obsw#347
  • Extend, fix and improve Syrlinks TMTC handling a bit

[v2.3.0] and [v2.3.1] 2023-01-18

  • Bumped tmtccmd version to new alpha release, use some new features and fix the breaking changes

[v2.2.0] 2023-01-16

  • A lot of consistency renaming: Single name for enums which are not flag enums, e.g ActionId instead of ActionIds
  • Updated required Python version to 3.10

[v2.1.1] 2023-01-12

  • Typo in setup.cfg, missing version prefix v for tmtccmd

[v2.1.0] 2023-01-12

  • Various refactoring and tweaks to allow easier integration into eive-mib.
  • Handle ACS CTRL HK sets.
  • Add reboot commands for PCDU modules.
  • Extend MPSoC commands.
  • Starting from now, more regular releases, especially on breaking changes. This is because this is now also a library with dependents.

[v2.0.2] 2022-01-12

  • Bumped dependencies, small fix to allow working script if PyQt is not installed

[v2.0.1] 2022-11-29

  • Minor bugfix

[v2.0.0] 2022-11-29

  • The tmtc program is installable now, which allow re-using it in other Python applications
  • Bugfixes for IMTQ TM handling
  • Updates S/A deployment command PR: #118

[v1.13.0] 2022-10-13

  • CFDP integration PR: #113
  • Major Update for tmtccmd and spacepackets dependencies which improves user API significantly. PR: #102
  • Add commands to request MGM HK or enable/disable periodic HK for it
  • Update power commands: Extend param get and set to all gomspace devices. PR: #108
  • Update PLOC supervisor commands PR: #107

[v1.12.0] 2022-07-05

  • Update GPS HK Parsing PR: #86
  • PL PCDU HK Parsing PR: #87
  • Add full regular reboot command PR: #85
  • Add Rad Sensor HK parsing PR: #81
  • Add procedures, parser functions and general application functionalities for the thermal-vacuum test. This includes daemon functionality to poll all Telemetry even when there is no operator present PR: #76 #74 #79 #73
  • Add ACU HK parsing PR: #80


  • Add setup.cfg and file, allowing package installation
  • New ploc commands
  • Removed commands related to obsolete ploc updater component
  • Adds, which allows receiving TMs continously while being able to send TCs at will.
  • Added more RW HK handling and RW Assembly commands
  • Pack additional parameter which identifiers whether heater is commanded externally or internally PR: #67


  • Helper printout for heater commands

[v1.10.0 and before]

  • Add additional heater commands to command health states
  • Extended heater commands for more informative output which component is heated

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