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    v3.0.0 Stable

    mohr released this 2022-01-10 14:54:08 +01:00 | 1347 commits to master since this release

    Milestone for next FSFW subversion

    API Changes

    TCP Socket Changes
    • Keep Open TCP Implementation #496
      • The socket will now kept open after disconnect. This allows reconnecting.
      • Only one connection is allowed
      • No internal influence but clients need to change their Code.


    • Add feature to open GPIO by line name #506


    • Unittests for Op Divider and Bitutility #510

    Filesystem IF changed

    • Filesystem Base Interface: Use IF instead of void pointer #511


    • STM32 SPI Updates #518


    • Small bugfix for LIS3 handler #504
    • Spelling fixed for function names #509
    • CMakeLists fixes #517
    • Out of bound reads and writes in unittests #519
    • Bug in TmPacketStoredPusC (#478)
    • Windows ifdef fixed #529


    • FSFW.h.in more default values #491
    • Minor updates for PUS services #498
    • HasReturnvaluesIF naming for parameter #499
    • Tests can now be built as part of FSFW and versioning moved to CMake #500
    • Added integration test code #508
    • More printouts for rejected TC packets #505
    • Arrayprinter format improvements #514
    • Adding code for CI with docker and jenkins #520
    • Added new function in SerializeAdapter #513
      • Enables simple deSerialize if you keep track of the buffer position yourself
      • static ReturnValue_t deSerialize(T *object, const uint8_t* buffer, size_t* deserSize, SerializeIF::Endianness streamEndianness)
    • Unittest helper scripts has a new Parameter to open the coverage html in the webrowser #525
      • '-o', '--open', Open coverage data in webbrowser
    • Documentation updated. Sphinx Documentation can now be build with python script #526

    Known bugs

    • Version Number in CMakeList is wrong (2.0.0), should be (3.0.0), fixed in #542

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    Milestone: https://egit.irs.uni-stuttgart.de/fsfw/fsfw/milestone/19