An example project for the FSFW. This example was slit up. You can find the hosted version here:
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FSFW Demo Application

This repository features a demo application. The example has been run successfully on the following platforms:

  • Linux host machine with the Linux OSAL or the Host OSAL
  • Windows with the Host OSAL
  • STM32H743ZI-Nucleo with the FreeRTOS OSAL
  • Raspberry Pi with the Linux OSAL
  • STM32H743ZI-Nucleo with the RTEMS OSAL

The purpose of this example is to provide a demo of the FSFW capabilities. However, it can also be used as a starting point to set up a repository for new flight software. It also aims to provide developers with practical examples of how the FSFW is inteded to be used and how project using the FSFW should or can be set up and it might serve as a basic test platform for the FSFW as well to ensure all OSALs are compiling and running as expected.

The repository contains a Python TMTC program which can be used to showcase the TMTC capabilities of the FSFW (currently, using the ECSS PUS packet standard).


Getting started with the Linux OSAL
Getting started with the Host OSAL
Getting started with the FreeRTOS OSAL on a STM32
Getting started with the Raspberry Pi
Getting started with the Beagle Bone Black
Getting started with the RTEMS OSAL on a STM32
Getting started with Eclipse for C/C++
Getting started with CMake