• v2.0.0 ab906fa534

    v2.0.0 Stable

    mohr released this 2021-10-04 14:53:01 +02:00 | 1509 commits to master since this release

    API Changes

    File Structure changed to fit more common structure
    • See pull request (#445)
      • HAL is now part of the main project
      • See Instructions below:
    Instruction how to update existing / user code
    • Changes in #include:

      • Rename internalError in includes to internalerror
      • Rename fsfw/hal to fsfw_hal
      • Rename fsfw/tests to fsfw_tests
      • Rename osal/FreeRTOS to osal/freertos
    • Changes in CMakeLists.txt:

      • Rename OS_FSFW to FSFW_OSAL
    • Changes in DleEncoder.cpp

      • Create an instance of the DleEncoder first before calling the encode and decode functions
    Removed osal/linux/Timer (#486)
    • Was redundant to timemanager/Countdown
    Instruction how to update existing / user code
    • Use timemanager/Countdown instead


    TM Stack

    • Increased TM stack robustness by introducing nullptr checks and more printouts (#483)
    Host OSAL / FreeRTOS
    • QueueMapManager Bugfix (NO_QUEUE was used as MessageQueueId) (#444)
    • Event output is now consistent (#447)
    DLE Encoder
    • Fixed possible out of bounds access in DLE Encoder (#492)


    • HAL as major new feature, also includes three MEMS devicehandlers as part of #481
    • Linux HAL updates (#456)
    • FreeRTOS Header cleaning update and Cmake tweaks (#442)
    • Printer updates (#453)
    • New returnvalue for for empty PST (#485)
    • TMTC Bridge: Increase limit of packets stored (#484)

    Known bugs

    • Bug in TmPacketStoredPusC (#478)

    All Pull Requests:

    Milestone: https://egit.irs.uni-stuttgart.de/fsfw/fsfw/milestone/5