• v4.0.0 a274d6598e

    v4.0.0 Stable

    mohr released this 2022-02-14 16:51:47 +01:00 | 1248 commits to master since this release


    • CFDP Packet Stack and related tests added. It also refactors the existing TMTC infastructure to
      allow sending of CFDP packets to the CCSDS handlers.
      PR: #528
    • added virtual function to print datasets
      PR: #544
    • doSendRead Hook
      PR: #545
    • Dockumentation for DHB
      PR: #551

    HAL additions

    • Linux Command Executor, which can execute shell commands in blocking and non-blocking mode
      PR: #536
    • uio Mapper
      PR: #543


    • Applied the clang-format auto-formatter to all source code
      PR: #534
    • Updated Catch2 to v3.0.0-preview4
      PR: #538
    • Changed CI to use prebuilt docker image
      PR: #549


    • CMake fixes in PR #533 , was problematic
      if the uppermost user CMakeLists.txt did not have the include paths set up properly, which
      could lead to compile errors that #include "fsfw/FSFW.h" was not found.
    • Fix for build regression in Catch2 v3.0.0-preview4
      PR: #548
    • Fix in unittest which failed on CI
      PR: #552
    • Fix in helper script
      PR: #553

    API Changes

    • Aforementioned changes to existing TMTC stack

    Known bugs