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Change Log

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.




  • HAL Linux SPI: Set the Clock Default State when setting new SPI speed and mode PR: #573
  • GPIO HAL: Direction, GpioOperation and Levels are enum classes now, which prevents name clashes with Windows defines. PR: #572
  • New CMake option FSFW_HAL_LINUX_ADD_LIBGPIOD to specifically exclude gpiod code. PR: #572
  • HAL Devicehandlers: Periodic printout is run-time configurable now
  • oneShotAction flag in the TestTask class is not static anymore
  • HAL Linux Uart: Baudrate and bits per word are enums now, avoiding misconfigurations PR: #585
  • IPC Message Queue Handling: Allow passing an optional MqArgs argument into the MessageQueue creation call. It allows passing context information and an arbitrary user argument into the message queue. Also streamlined and simplified MessageQueue implementation for all OSALs PR: #583
  • Clock:
    • timeval to TimeOfDay_t
    • Added Mutex for gmtime calls: (compare http://www.opengate.at/blog/2020/01/timeless/)
    • Moved the statics used by Clock in ClockCommon.cpp to this file
    • Better check for leap seconds
    • Added Unittests for Clock (only getter)


  • Removed the HkSwitchHelper. This module should not be needed anymore, now that the local datapools have been implemented. PR: #557


  • Linux HAL: Add wiretapping option for I2C. Enabled with FSFW_HAL_I2C_WIRETAPPING defined to 1
  • Dedicated Version class and constant fsfw::FSFW_VERSION containing version information inside fsfw/version.h PR: #559
  • Added ETL dependency and improved library dependency management PR: #592


  • Small bugfix in STM32 HAL for SPI PR: #599
  • HAL GPIO: Improved error checking in LinuxLibgpioIF::configureGpios(...). If a GPIO configuration fails, the function will exit prematurely with a dedicated error code PR: #602



  • CFDP Packet Stack and related tests added. It also refactors the existing TMTC infastructure to allow sending of CFDP packets to the CCSDS handlers. PR: #528
  • added virtual function to print datasets PR: #544
  • doSendRead Hook PR: #545
  • Dockumentation for DHB PR: #551

HAL additions

  • Linux Command Executor, which can execute shell commands in blocking and non-blocking mode PR: #536
  • uio Mapper PR: #543


  • Applied the clang-format auto-formatter to all source code PR: #534
  • Updated Catch2 to v3.0.0-preview4 PR: #538
  • Changed CI to use prebuilt docker image PR: #549


  • CMake fixes in PR #533 , was problematic if the uppermost user CMakeLists.txt did not have the include paths set up properly, which could lead to compile errors that #include "fsfw/FSFW.h" was not found.
  • Fix for build regression in Catch2 v3.0.0-preview4 PR: #548
  • Fix in unittest which failed on CI PR: #552
  • Fix in helper script PR: #553

API Changes

  • Aforementioned changes to existing TMTC stack

Known bugs


API Changes


  • Version number was not updated for v3.0.0 #542


Known bugs


API Changes

TCP Socket Changes

  • Keep Open TCP Implementation #496
    • The socket will now kept open after disconnect. This allows reconnecting.
    • Only one connection is allowed
    • No internal influence but clients need to change their Code.


  • Add feature to open GPIO by line name #506


  • Unittests for Op Divider and Bitutility #510

Filesystem IF changed

  • Filesystem Base Interface: Use IF instead of void pointer #511


  • STM32 SPI Updates #518


  • Small bugfix for LIS3 handler #504
  • Spelling fixed for function names #509
  • CMakeLists fixes #517
  • Out of bound reads and writes in unittests #519
  • Bug in TmPacketStoredPusC (#478)
  • Windows ifdef fixed #529


  • FSFW.h.in more default values #491
  • Minor updates for PUS services #498
  • HasReturnvaluesIF naming for parameter #499
  • Tests can now be built as part of FSFW and versioning moved to CMake #500
  • Added integration test code #508
  • More printouts for rejected TC packets #505
  • Arrayprinter format improvements #514
  • Adding code for CI with docker and jenkins #520
  • Added new function in SerializeAdapter #513
    • Enables simple deSerialize if you keep track of the buffer position yourself
    • static ReturnValue_t deSerialize(T *object, const uint8_t* buffer, size_t* deserSize, SerializeIF::Endianness streamEndianness)
  • Unittest helper scripts has a new Parameter to open the coverage html in the webrowser #525
    • '-o', '--open', Open coverage data in webbrowser
  • Documentation updated. Sphinx Documentation can now be build with python script #526

Known bugs

  • Version number was not updated for v3.0.0 #542

All Pull Requests:

Milestone: https://egit.irs.uni-stuttgart.de/fsfw/fsfw/milestone/19


API Changes

File Structure changed to fit more common structure

  • See pull request (#445)
    • HAL is now part of the main project
      • See Instructions below:

Instruction how to update existing / user code

  • Changes in #include:

    • Rename internalError in includes to internalerror
    • Rename fsfw/hal to fsfw_hal
    • Rename fsfw/tests to fsfw_tests
    • Rename osal/FreeRTOS to osal/freertos
  • Changes in CMakeLists.txt:

    • Rename OS_FSFW to FSFW_OSAL
  • Changes in DleEncoder.cpp

    • Create an instance of the DleEncoder first before calling the encode and decode functions

Removed osal/linux/Timer (#486)

  • Was redundant to timemanager/Countdown

Instruction how to update existing / user code

  • Use timemanager/Countdown instead


TM Stack

  • Increased TM stack robustness by introducing nullptr checks and more printouts (#483)

Host OSAL / FreeRTOS

  • QueueMapManager Bugfix (NO_QUEUE was used as MessageQueueId) (#444)


  • Event output is now consistent (#447)

DLE Encoder

  • Fixed possible out of bounds access in DLE Encoder (#492)


  • HAL as major new feature, also includes three MEMS devicehandlers as part of #481
  • Linux HAL updates (#456)
  • FreeRTOS Header cleaning update and Cmake tweaks (#442)
  • Printer updates (#453)
  • New returnvalue for for empty PST (#485)
  • TMTC Bridge: Increase limit of packets stored (#484)

Known bugs

  • Bug in TmPacketStoredPusC (#478)

All Pull Requests:

Milestone: https://egit.irs.uni-stuttgart.de/fsfw/fsfw/milestone/5


API Changes

FSFW Architecture

  • New src folder which contains all source files except the HAL, contributed code and test code
  • External and internal API mostly stayed the same
  • Folder names are now all smaller case: internalError was renamed to internalerror and FreeRTOS was renamed to freertos
  • Warning if optional headers are used but the modules was not added to the source files to compile


  • HAL added back into FSFW. It is tightly bound to the FSFW, and compiling it as a static library made using it more complicated than necessary


FreeRTOS QueueMapManager

  • Fixed a bug which causes the first generated Queue ID to be invalid


FSFW Architecture

  • See API changes chapter. This change will keep the internal API consistent in the future


API Changes


  • Added PUS C support
  • SUBSYSTEM_IDs added for PUS Services
  • Added new Parameter which must be defined in config: fsfwconfig::FSFW_MAX_TM_PACKET_SIZE


  • ObjectManager is now a singelton


  • Additional configuration option fsfwconfig::FSFW_MAX_TM_PACKET_SIZE which need to be specified in FSFWConfig.h




  • timemanager/TimeStamperIF.h: Timestamp config was not used correctly, leading to different timestamp sizes than configured in fsfwconfig::FSFW_MISSION_TIMESTAMP_SIZE
  • TCP server fixes


FreeRTOS Queue Handles

  • Fixed an internal issue how FreeRTOS MessageQueues were handled

Linux OSAL

  • Better printf error messages


  • Check for C++11 as mininimum required Version

Debug Output

  • Changed Warning color to magenta, which is well readable on both dark and light mode IDEs

Changes from ASTP 0.0.1 to 1.0.0


  • Bugfix in MessageQueue, which caused the sender not to be set properly


  • vRequestContextSwitchFromISR is declared extern "C" so it can be defined in a C file without issues

PUS Services

  • It is now possible to change the message queue depth for the telecommand verification service (PUS1)
  • The same is possible for the event reporting service (PUS5)
  • PUS Health Service added, which allows to command and retrieve health via PUS packets


  • New base class for a controller which also implements HasActionsIF and HasLocalDataPoolIF

Local Pool

  • Interface of LocalPools has changed. LocalPool is not a template anymore. Instead the size and bucket number of the pools per page and the number of pages are passed to the ctor instead of two ctor arguments and a template parameter

Parameter Service

  • The API of the parameter service has been changed to prevent inconsistencies between documentation and actual code and to clarify usage.
  • The parameter ID now consists of:
    1. Domain ID (1 byte)
    2. Unique Identifier (1 byte)
    3. Linear Index (2 bytes) The linear index can be used for arrays as well as matrices. The parameter load command now explicitely expects the ECSS PTC and PFC information as well as the rows and column number. Rows and column will default to one, which is equivalent to one scalar parameter (the most important use-case)

File System Interface

  • A new interfaces specifies the functions for a software object which exposes the file system of a given hardware to use message based file handling (e.g. PUS commanding)

Internal Error Reporter

  • The new internal error reporter uses the local data pools. The pool IDs for the exisiting three error values and the new error set will be hardcoded for now, the the constructor for the internal error reporter just takes an object ID for now.

Device Handler Base

  • There is an additional PERFORM_OPERATION step for the device handler base. It is important that DHB users adapt their polling sequence tables to perform this step. This steps allows for a clear distinction between operation and communication steps
  • setNormalDatapoolEntriesInvalid is not an abstract method and a default implementation was provided
  • getTransitionDelayMs is now an abstract method




  • makeEvent function: Now takes three input parameters instead of two and allows setting a unique ID. Event.cpp source file removed, functions now defined in header directly. Namespaces renamed. Functions declared constexpr now

Commanding Service Base

  • CSB uses the new fsfwconfig::FSFW_CSB_FIFO_DEPTH variable to determine the FIFO depth for each CSB instance. This variable has to be set in the FSFWConfig.h file

Service Interface

  • Proper printf support contained in ServiceInterfacePrinter.h
  • CPP ostream support now optional (can reduce executable size by 150 - 250 kB)
  • Amalagated header which determines automatically which service interface to use depending on FSFWConfig.h configuration. Users can just use #include <fsfw/serviceinterface/ServiceInterface.h>
  • If CPP streams are excluded, sif:: calls won't work anymore and need to be replaced by their printf counterparts. For the fsfw, this can be done by checking the processor define FSFW_CPP_OSTREAM_ENABLED from FSFWConfig.h. For mission code, developers need to replace sif:: calls by the printf counterparts, but only if the CPP stream are excluded. If this is not the case, everything should work as usual.

ActionHelper and ActionMessage

  • ActionHelper finish function and ActionMessage::setCompletionReply now expects explicit information whether to report a success or failure message instead of deriving it implicitely from returnvalue

PUS Parameter Service 20

Added PUS parameter service 20 (only custom subservices available).