• v5.0.0 f11433e50f

    v5.0.0 Stable

    gaisser released this 2022-07-25 15:08:46 +02:00 | 669 commits to master since this release


    • Unit test for Internal Error Reporter
      PR: #563
    • Additional build flags for FSFW have been added
      PR: #568
    • The current FSFW Version can now be read with fsfw::FSFW_VERSION. For comparison with User required Version is possible withfsfw::Version(UserRequiredMajor,UserRequiredMinor,UserRequiredRevision)>=fsfw::FSFW_VERSION
      PR: #575
    • FSFW_DISABLE_PRINTOUT will now be defined default to 0, if it was not defined
      PR: #576
      -Cooldown will now be initialized in the constructor by calling:Countdown::setTimeout
      PR: #577
    • Events: Introduced UniqueEventId_t which can be found by generators
      PR: #578
    • Added function to add component to a periodic task by pointer
      PR: #591
    • Added ETL dependency and improved library dependency management
      PR: #592
    • LTO support: Allow using LTO/IPO by setting FSFW_ENABLE_LTO=1. CMake is able to detect whether
      the user compiler supports IPO/LPO. LTO is on by default now. Most modern compilers support it,
      can make good use of it and it usually makes the code faster and/or smaller.
      After some more research:
      Enabling LTO will actually cause the compiler to only produce thin LTO by adding
      -flto -fno-fat-lto-objects to the compiler options. I am not sure this is an ideal choice
      because if an application linking against the FSFW does not use LTO, there can be compile
      issues (e.g. observed when compiling the FSFW tests without LTO). This is a known issue as
      can be seen in the multiple CMake issues for it:
    • Added generic PUS TC Scheduler Service 11. It depends on the new added Emebeded Template Library
      (ETL) dependency.
      PR: #594
    • Added options for CI/CD builds: FSFW_CICD_BUILD. This allows the source code to know
      whether it is running in CI/CD
      PR: #623
    • Basic clion support: Update .gitignore and add some basic run configurations
      PR: #625

    HAL additions

    • Linux HAL: Add I2C wiretapping option. It is now possible to define FSFW_HAL_I2C_WIRETAPPING to 1 and have a printout of all Data received over I2C
      PR: #559
    • HAL GPIO: Direction, GpioOperation and Levels are enum classes now, which prevents
      name clashes with Windows defines.
      PR: #572
    • HAL GPIO: Improved error checking in LinuxLibgpioIF::configureGpios(...). If a GPIO
      configuration fails, the function will exit prematurely with a dedicated error code
      PR: #602
    • New CMake option FSFW_HAL_LINUX_ADD_LIBGPIOD to specifically exclude gpiod code.
      PR: #572
    • HAL Linux SPI: Set the Clock Default State when setting new SPI speed
      and mode
      PR: #573


    • Changes in Integration Tests for tests/src/fsfw_tests/integration/task/TestTask.h
      PR: #560

    • Small Tweaks of printouts in LocalPoolObjectBase.cpp
      PR: #582

    • IPC Message Queue Handling: Allow passing an optional MqArgs argument into the MessageQueue
      creation call. It allows passing context information and an arbitrary user argument into
      the message queue. Also streamlined and simplified MessageQueue implementation for all OSALs
      PR: #583

    • Add a DummyPowerSwitcher module which can be useful for test setups when no PCDU is available
      PR: #590

    • Renamed auto-formatting script to auto-formatter.sh and made it more robust. If cmake-format is installed, it will also auto-format the CMakeLists.txt files now. PR: #625 PR: #626

    • Bump C++ required version to C++17. Every project which uses the FSFW and every modern
      compiler supports it
      PR: #622

    • Major update for version handling, using git describe to fetch version information with git.
      PR: #601

      • Add helper functions provided by cmake-modules
        manually now. Those should not change too often and only a small subset is needed
      • Separate folder for easier update and for distinction
      • LICENSE file included
      • use int for version numbers to allow unset or uninitialized version
      • Initialize Version object with numbers set to -1
      • Instead of hardcoding the git hash, it is now retrieved from git
      • Version now allows specifying additional version information like the git SHA1 hash and the
        versions since the last tag
      • Additional information is set to the last part of the git describe output for FSFW_VERSION now.
      • Version still need to be hand-updated if the FSFW is not included as a submodule for now.
    • Internal API change: Moved the fsfw_hal to the src folder and integration and internal
      tests part of fsfw_tests to src. Unittests are now in a dedicated folder called unittests
      PR: #653

    Task Module Refactoring

    PR: #636

    Refactoring general task code

    • There was a lot of duplicate/boilerplate code inside the individual task IF OSAL implementations.
      Remove it by introducing base classes PeriodicTaskBase and FixedTimeslotTaskBase.

    Refactor PeriodicTaskIF

    • Convert virtual ReturnValue_t addComponent(object_id_t object) to
      virtual ReturnValue_t addComponent(object_id_t object, uint8_t opCode = 0), allowing to pass
      the operation code passed to performOperation. Updated API taking
      an ExecutableObjectIF accordingly

    Refactor FixedTimeslotTaskIF

    • Add additional addSlot function which takes an ExecutableObjectIF pointer and its Object ID

    Refactor FixedSequenceSlot

    • Introduce typedef CustomCheckFunc for ReturnValue_t (*customCheckFunction)(const SlotList&).
    • Convert ReturnValue_t (*customCheckFunction)(const SlotList&) to
      ReturnValue_t (*customCheckFunction)(const SlotList&, void*), allowing arbitrary user arguments
      for the custom checker

    Linux Task Module

    • Use composition instead of inheritance for the PeriodicPosixTask and make the PosixTask a
      member of the class


    • A small error in the README.md was fixed
      PR: #562
    • Updated TestDeviceHandler to use FSFW_VERBOSE_LEVEL
      PR: #571
    • Bugfix in LocalDataPoolManager::generateSetStructurePacket. Missing return values and storage deletion added.
      PR: #597
    • Small bugfix in STM32 HAL for SPI
      PR: #599
    • Potential Bug with nullptrs in HybridIterator and fixed some compiler warnings
      PR: #598
    • Bugfix in SpacePacket::addWholeData
      PR: #607
    • Bugfix for MacOS (clang):
      PR: #611
    • Move some CMake directives further up top so they are not ignored
      PR: #621
    • Fix infinite recursion in prepareHealthSetReply of PUS Health Service 201.
      Is not currently used right now but might be used in the future
      PR: #617
    • TCP TMTC Server: MutexGuard was not created properly in
      TcpTmTcServer::handleTmSending(socket_t connSocket, bool& tmSent) call.
      PR: #618
    • CCSDSDistributor::selectDestination() does no longer crash if a packet was not found in the TC Store anymore
      PR: #633

    API Changes

    • DeviceHandlerBase::getStorageData parameter changed to size_t and DHB.rawPacketLen changed to size_t
      PR: #570
    • Removed the HkSwitchHelper. This module should not be needed anymore, now that the local datapools have been implemented.
      PR: #557
    • Clock::convertTimeOfDayToTimeval expects UTC as input. Fixed an issue if the system time zone was different for Linux and Host
      PR: #574
    • HAL Linux Uart: Baudrate and bits per word are enums now, avoiding misconfigurations
      PR: #585
    • DeviceHandlerBase::insertInCommandMap has two new optional parameters:
      • bool useAlternativeReply (Default false)
      • DeviceCommandId_t alternativeReplyId (default =0)
        User don't need to change anything. If alternative replies are used, there is no need to overwrite DHB::enableReplyInReplyMapanymore
        PR: #595
    • Time/Clock:
      • Implemented timeval to TimeOfDay_t but moved from CCSDSTime::convertTimevalToTimeOfDay to Clock::convertTimevalToTimeOfDay
      • Added Mutex for gmtime calls: (compare http://www.opengate.at/blog/2020/01/timeless/)
      • Moved the statics used by Clock in ClockCommon.cpp to this file
      • Better check for leap seconds
      • Added Unittests for Clock (only getter)
        PR: #584
    • PowerSwitchIF: Remove const specifier from sendSwitchCommand and sendFuseOnCommand and
      also specify a ReturnValue_t return type
      PR: #590
    • Extend PowerSwitcher module to optionally check current state when calling turnOn or
      turnOff. Tis can be helpful to avoid commanding switches which do not need commanding
      PR: #590 and #593
    • Changed default C++ Version to C++17 (should compile with C++11 as well)
      PR: #622
    • FSFW Tests are now build with -DFSFW_BUILD_TESTS instead of -DFSFW_BUILD_UNITTESTS

    Known bugs

    • Clock does not compile on Windows: timgm is not compatible with windows
      Issue: #603
    • Mistake in README.md: fsfw-tests can be build with -DFSFW_BUILD_TESTS instead of -DFSFW_BUILD_UNITTESTS