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    v6.0.0 Stable

    mohr released this 2023-02-23 13:46:50 +01:00 | 0 commits to master since this release


    • Mode Service: Add allowed subservice
      PR: #739
    • CService200ModeManagement: Various bugfixes which lead to now execution complete being generated
      on mode announcements, duplicate mode reply generated on announce commands, and the mode read
      subservice not working properly.
      PR: #736
    • Memory leak fixes for the TCP/IP TMTC bridge.
      PR: #737
    • Service9TimeManagement: Fix the time dump at the SET_TIME subservice: Include clock timeval
      seconds instead of uptime.
      PR: #726
    • HAL MGM3100 Handler: Use axis specific gain/scaling factors. Previously,
      only the X scaling factor was used.
      PR: #724
    • HAL MGM3100 Handler: Z value was previously calculated with bytes of the X value.
      PR: #733
    • DHB setNormalDatapoolEntriesInvalid: The default implementation did not set the validity
      to false correctly because the read and write calls were missing.
      PR: #728
    • PUS TMTC creator module: Sequence flags were set to continuation segment (0b00) instead
      of the correct unsegmented flags (0b11) as specified in the standard.
      PR: #727
    • TC Scheduler Service 11: Add size and CRC check for contained TC.
      Bug: #719
      PR: #720
    • Only delete health table entry in HealthHelper destructor if
      health table was set.
      PR: #710
    • I2C Bugfixes: Do not keep iterator as member and fix some incorrect handling with the iterator.
      Also properly reset the reply size for successfull transfers and erroneous transfers.
      PR: #700
    • Bugfix for Serial Buffer Stream: Setting doActive to false now
      actually fully disables printing.
      PR: #680
    • TcpTmTcServer.cpp: The server was actually not able to handle
      CCSDS packets which were clumped together. This has been fixed now.
      PR: #673
    • CServiceHealthCommanding: Add announce all health info implementation
      PR: #725
    • various fixes related to linux Unittests and memory leaks
      PR: #715
    • small fix to allow teardown handling
      PR: #713
    • fix compiler warning for fixed array list copy ctor
      PR: #704
    • missing include
      PR: #703
    • defaultconfig did not build anymore
      PR: #702
    • hotfix
      PR: #699
    • small fix for helper
      PR: #698
    • missing retval conv
      PR: #697
    • DHB Countdown Bug
      PR: #693
    • doc corrections
      PR: #687
    • better error printout
      PR: #686
    • include correction
      PR: #683
    • better warning for missing include paths
      PR: #676
    • Service 11 regression
      PR: #670


    • Empty constructor for CdsShortTimeStamper which does not do an object manager registration.
      PR: #730
    • Service9TimeManagement: Add DUMP_TIME (129) subservice.
    • TcpTmTcServer: Allow setting the SO_REUSEADDR and SO_REUSEPORT
      option on the TCP server. CTOR prototype has changed and expects an explicit
      TCP configuration struct to be passed.
      PR: #722
    • DleParser helper class to parse DLE encoded packets from a byte stream.
      PR: #711
    • UioMapper is able to resolve symlinks now.
      PR: #709
    • Add new UnsignedByteField class
      PR: #660
    • publish documentation for development and master branch
      PR: #681
    • Add Linux HAL options
      PR: #663
    • Expand SerializeIF
      PR: #656
    • PUS Service 11: Additional Safety Check
      PR: #666
    • improvements for auto-formatter script
      PR: #665
    • provide a weak print char impl
      PR: #674


    • now that doc server is up, remove markdown files
      PR: #688
    • remove bsp specific code
      PR: #679


    • CService201HealthCommanding renamed to CServiceHealthCommanding,
      service ID customizable now. CServiceHealthCommanding expects configuration struct
      HealthServiceCfg now
      PR: #725
    • AcceptsTelemetryIF: getReportReceptionQueue is const now
      PR: #712
    • Moved some container returnvalues to dedicated header and namespace
      so they can be used without template specification.
      PR: #707
    • Remove default secondary header argument for
      uint16_t getTcSpacePacketIdFromApid(uint16_t apid, bool secondaryHeaderFlag) and
      uint16_t getTmSpacePacketIdFromApid(uint16_t apid, bool secondaryHeaderFlag)
      PR: #689
    • Removed HasReturnvaluesIF class in favor of returnvalue namespace with OK and FAILED
      PR: #659
    • Overhaul of the TMTC stack, including various changes and improvements
      for other modules
      PR: #655
      which also includes a migration guide
    • Bump Catch2 dependency to regular version v3.1.0
      PR: #678
    • SerialBufferAdapter: Rename setBuffer to setConstBuffer and update
      API to expect const uint8_t* accordingly.
      PR: #677
    • Remove the following user includes from fsfw/events/Event.h and
      • #include "events/subsystemIdRanges.h"
      • #include "returnvalues/classIds.h"
        The user has to include those themselves now
        PR: #675
    • DeviceHandlerBase: Set command sender before calling buildCommandFromCommand.
      This allows finishing action commands immediately inside the function.
      PR: #672
    • DeviceHandlerBase: New signature of handleDeviceTm which expects
      a const SerializeIF& and additional helper variant which expects const uint8_t*
      PR: #671
    • Improvements for AcceptsTelemetryIF and AcceptsTelecommandsIF:
      • Make functions const where it makes sense
      • Add const char* getName const abstract function
        PR: #684
    • Generic TMTC Bridge Update
      PR: #734
    • comment tweak to event parser can read everything
      PR: #732
    • CMakeLists file updates
      PR: #731
    • improve srv20 error messages
      PR: #723
    • I2C Linux: remove duplicate printout
      PR: #718
    • printout handling improvements
      PR: #717
    • vec getter, reset for content
      PR: #716
    • updates for source sequence counter
      PR: #714
    • SP reader getPacketData is const now
      PR: #708
    • refactoring of serial drivers for linux
      PR: #705
    • Local Pool Update Remove Add Data Ignore Fault Argument
      PR: #701
    • Switch to new documentation server
      PR: #694
    • Windows Tweaks
      PR: #691
    • Refactor Local Pool API
      PR: #667
    • group MGM data in local pool vectors
      PR: #664


    • Refactoring of CFDP stack which was done during implementation of the CFDP source and destination
      • New filesystem module, changes for filesystem abstraction HasFileSystemIF to better
        fit requirements of CFDP
      • New HostFilesystem implementation of the HasFileSystemIF
      • New cfdp::UserBase class which is the abstraction for the CFDP user in an OBSW context.
      • mib module for the CFDP stack
      • PDU classes renamed from ...Serializer/...Deserializer to ...Creator/...Reader
      • Renamed TcDistributor to TcDistributorBase to prevent confusion
      • Refactored TcDisitributorBase to be more flexible and usable for CFDP distribution
      • Renamed CCSDSDistributor to CcsdsDistributor and add feature which allows it
        to remove the CCSDS header when routing a packet. This allows CCSDS agnostic receiver
        implementation without an extra component
        PR: #682