Update FSFW from Upstream #27

muellerr merged 523 commits from mueller/update-from-upstream into develop 2022-05-17 10:06:59 +02:00
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muellerr added 523 commits 2022-05-17 10:06:24 +02:00
Op Divider and bitutility updates
- Added unittests for `PeriodicOperationDivider` and the `bitutil` helpers
- Some API changes: Removed redundant bit part, because these functions are already in a namespace
- Some bugfixes for `PeriodicOperationDivider`
updated SerializeAdapter.h
- Updates `SerializerAdapter` to also take simple pointer and simply assign the serialized and deSerialized size
- Added related unittests
Bugfix for Packet ID getters
- Also added related unittests
update unittest helper scripts
- Added functionality to open HTML report immediately
- Added another helper script to automatically generate unittest build
c2bf09d506 Introducing documentation with Sphinx
This PR introduces the generation of documentation based on
this excellent blog post: https://devblogs.microsoft.com/cppblog/clear-functional-c-documentation-with-sphinx-breathe-doxygen-cmake/

It combines the tools Sphinx, Doxygen and Breathe to generate good
looking HTML documentation conveniently which can be hosted easily.

The helper scripts were unified and there is now one helper.py script
which can be used to create, build and open both tests and documentation.
"./helper.py -h" can be used to get the different options.

This PR also contains some smaller fixes which were necessary for the docs
to build
fd7581f8ba Added formatting scripts
1. Added .clang-format file which contains information for the
   clang-format tool on how to format source files
2. Added shell helper script to apply all changes on HAL soures,
   test sources and primary sources

The shell script was not applied yet. This should be done shortly
before introducing the release. Also, it might be good idea to provide
instructions on how to set up the formatter for Eclipse
Added CFDP packet stack
This PR adds the packet stack for the CCSDS File Delivery Protocol.
It also refactors the existing TMTC infastructure to allow sending
of CFDP packets to the CCSDS handlers.

This includes the whole PDU (Protocol Data Unit) stack:

- File Data PDUs

and all file directive PDUs

- Metadata PDU
- Finished PDU
- Prompt PDU
- Keep Alive PDU

The PR includes a full set of unittests for the packet stack
with a coverage of 90+ %.

The refactoring of the existing TMTC infastructure includes non-ideal
solutions like diamond inheritance.
Avoiding this solution would require refactoring the packet stack.
This would be a good idea anyway because the existing stack is tightly
coupled to the FSFW, making reuse more difficult if only the stack is
planned to be used without the store functionalities etc.

The PDU implementation provided here is only weakly coupled to the FSFW,
only using components like returnvalues or the Serialization modules.
There are dedicated serializers and deserializers, which also helps in
creating small focused modules which are easy to test.

Some of the modules here were provied by Matthias Tompert.
Linux CommandExecutor
The CommandExecutor helper class can execute shell commands in blocking and non-blocking mode
This class is able to execute processes by using the Linux popen call. It also has the capability of writing
the read output of a process into a provided ring buffer.

The executor works by first loading the command which should be executed and specifying whether
it should be executed blocking or non-blocking. After that, execution can be started with the execute call.

Using non-blocking mode allows to execute commands which might take a longer time in the background,
and allowing the user thread to check completion status with the check function

Moved to HAL like requested in code review and unit tested with failing commands as well.
Also, Linux HAL components are compiled by default now unless explicitely disabled.
Changes to Dockerfile and Jenkinsfile
1. Install Catch2 from sources inside a Docker stage/layer
2. Some tweaks to Jenkinsfile
b98127cea6 Updated CI Build
- Always clean and rebuild docker image.
- Use single docker container
SPI HAL improvement
- Initialize line state
8b1af232c3 Added Tests for CCSDS Time, fixed LPM Test
Changed behaviour of Host and Linux Clock
Allow passing a MqArgs struct to the MQ creation
The struct contains context information (which can be extended)
and an arbitrary user argument in form of a void pointer.
This makes the API a lot more flexible
10398855a9 Added more unittest coverage
Added Mutex for gmtime functions
Moved Statics used in ClockCommon to ClockCommon
Add TC scheduler service
- Written by David Woodward as part of the SOURCE project
- Adaptions to make it more generic and compatible to FSFW
strongly simplified and streamlined IPC MQ Impl
- Generic code was duplicated across all OSALs.
  Is contained in generic base class now
- Remove duplicate documentation
include cmake-modules manually instead
- Instead of using FetchContent
- Separate folder for easier update and for distintion
- LICENSE file included
70d3197212 gpio init bug fix
Return values from configureGpios were not checked
muellerr merged commit ee2f8d6956 into develop 2022-05-17 10:06:59 +02:00
muellerr deleted branch mueller/update-from-upstream 2022-05-17 10:07:00 +02:00
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